“To be a leading municipality in the North West Province
in sustainable service delivery by 2020”
To deliver sustainable municipal services by maximally utilizing our human,
Financial and technical resources through participatory democracy

The new council that was elected in 2010 adopted a new vision and mission to guide its effort to provide sustainable services to communities. The adopted vision and mission of council are:

municipality to solicit the views of the community on matters that should be prioritized during the term of this council. After listening to communities and analyzing their submissions, the following were selected as the priorities of the municipality: Job Creation, Water, sanitation, Housing, Electricity, Roads and Street lighting.
The municipality has seen an improvement in its relationship with the sector departments which has seen sector departments actively participating in the IDP Process. As a result, projects from the sector departments form part of this IDP.
Project funding remains a challenge as indicated by the amount of R25 0000 which has been allocated by the Municipal Infrastructure Grant. The municipality will implement a revenue enhancement project aimed at raising more funds for infrastructure development and operations and maintenance.
Lastly in order to realize the programmes and projects in this IDP, the targets and key performance indicators will be cascaded into service delivery and budget implementation plans (SDBIPs), which will serve as annual plans and a contract between the municipality and the community. Communities and stakeholders will use the SDBIPs to hold the municipality accountable for the commitments made in this document.