Cllr K C Mogatusi

The popular mandate, trust and responsibility bestowed on us by the residents of the greater sub-region within which Tswaing Municipal jurisdiction lies, is yet a constant reminder of where We have come to date as community, and the long and winding road we have to chart to the ideal future We all strive for-A State of prosperity for all in our quest of being a leading municipality in the North West Province in sustainable service delivery by 2020.

Mayors Foreword

In the times of changing fortunes of the political climate we live in, it is this reminder that gives us sleepless nights and undying resolve to remain nothing but humble servants to the masses of our people-young and old, frail and able bodied, black and white alike.

The high calling of selfless service remains the clarion call around which we all rely to progressively realize the ideal of “a better life for all” Integrated Development Planning remains the fundamental tool democratize governance in the Republic, and no doubt in our area of jurisdiction, hence I do not hesitate to present the IDP review for the current fiscus2014/2015.

The devotion and support of my fellow political colleagues in council as well as the tireless efforts and loyalty of the administrative cadres of the local municipality in the compilation of this plan are all immensely appreciated. The same goes to the IDP Representative Forum, which consistently articulates the aspirations of the vast majority of the 15 wards of this municipality.

It is my sincere hope that the development priorities represented in the IDP Review are truly a reflection of the aspirations and developmental objectives as captured throughout the imbizos,
Various ward and community level structures and indeed the IDP Representative Forum itself.

I hereby therefore present the 2014/15 Integrated Development Plan for the Tswaing Local municipality jurisdiction area duly examined, for the current financial year.